My contributions to #LoveLydia so far.

because what, what, what, what the actual heck are you people doing

you wouldn’t send such harsh messages to real people, especially not someone who’s just had their life turned upside down.

Just because the recipient isn’t real and is therefore not affected by your words, YOU are both affecting yourself and others. You are encouraging this kind of behaviour in real life toward real people, that it’s somehow ok to use your words in flippant and hurtful ways as if the recipient deserved it, when in reality, she has been abused, has been taken advantage of, things Lydia could not avoid, because George is a scumbag, but a skilled scumbag. Telling Lydia she’s somehow at fault here is only reinforcing the awful norm that it’s an abusee’s fault for being abused (also bordering on rape culture and blaming rape victims, also not ok).

Just please, try and remember, no matter the circumstance, words have power, so use them for good, not evil; love, not hate.

Here, instead of blaming the innocent, we can use our words to #LoveLydia.


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    Thank you to everyone who put in words what I was afraid to because of what the fan reaction might be. It’s easy to...
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    This is why I couldn’t subscribe to that awful website and couldn’t help but defend Lydia on Twitter. What Lydia’s going...
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    Yeah… It was just started by someone recently because of the Lydia stuff brought to light, but it definitely applies to...
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    I feel like this applies to all the incredibly nasty tweets that are directed towards Caroline and Gigi, as well. They...
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    I love this post because it highlights that though we can not hurt this fictional character with our words the actions...
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