Lizzie: “You like [Darcy], don’t you?”

It has gotten to the point where I am frequently in the first five views on the newest LBD video.

Ok, so. Caroline likes Darcy. Not only is Caroline is in the running for him, butshe does like him.

"No one likes to be mocked, particularly unfairly, in front of thousands of people."
Two words: William Darcy. Way to to be hypocritical, Caroline.

"So it had nothing to do with keeping bing from knowing how sincere Jane’s feelings actually were for him, for your own self-interests?" Finally, Caroline’s objective is revealed (though I think that most of us had already figured that part out, it’s nice to see it confirmed). And "how come you didn’t tell him how much Jane loves him when Darcy pulled him away?" ASHLEY YOUR VOICE THE FEELS I DIED

Lizzie adresses the fact that Darcy is still watching the videos (contrary to some headcanons out there that he promised to stop watching the videos in the letter). I think that this may mean that Lizzie’s character development will be caught on camera, and the clue that eventually leads him to “hope as he had never hoped before” may be on camera. Darcy will be watching Lizzie fall in love with him, and that is the most freaking beautiful thing.

Also, the bit that was cut off at the beginning: “And the look on his face when the papers just flew everywhere? Priceless”. WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT WHO IS SHE TALKING ABOUT maybe it’s insignificant. But it’s certainly intriguing.


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    Can I say how much I love this fandom? The discussions that are sparked from a six minute episode… the Sherlockians may...
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    Yes, I’ve since revised my opinion that Darcy would be watching all the videos (though, you know, it’s already unclear...
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    All of this, except that personally I’m less inclined to believe everything Lizzie says in this video, specifically the...
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    Ok, that would be pretty perfect.
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    One thing that would be hilarious - heartbreaking? ironic? words? - is if Lizzie believes that Darcy is still watching...
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